Welcome to Anthony’s High Intensity Training Programs.   

To lose weight and improve health and fitness, my resistance training programs are proven to benefit people of all ages; described by some as the real “fountain of youth”.

Fast track your results by using a proven scientific method of proper exercise. Combine your cardio, flexibility, muscle strength and muscle endurance in the one workout.

No bouncing balls, No balancing acts, No intimidating tactics,   No punching, No cables, No crap…

I can teach you to effectively increase your metabolism. My time efficient training methods produce real results; training sessions start from as little as 30 minutes once or twice each week – this ensures that you have plenty of time for all your work and recreational activities.   

My personal training sessions are based on the NSW, Central Coast, Australia 

 All enquiries are welcome at: anthonyhitau@yahoo.com.au


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  1. Donna says:

    Hi Anthony – Your fitness program sounds really great, I have been trying to shift unwanted kilos for some time without success. Could you please contact me to arrange a workout time.

  2. Hi Anthony,

    So you can actaully combine “cardio” with strength training you mean you can then do them at the same time and you only need to do this for one or two times per week in as little as 30 minutes. So that means I will have more time for my sporting and reacreation activities. I like the no balancing on the swiss balls to make you look stupid.

    • anthonyhitau says:

      Hi Steve,

      The science of proper exercise is very specific when used correctly. If enough effort is exerted throughout a High Intensity workout then you can accomplish great results without resorting to downright stupid practises such as balancing on swiss balls or other popular trends such as the more is better mindset.
      Time efficient and result orientated High Intensity Training is a far better pursuit without having to sacrifice safety or precious recovery and life enjoyment time.

      I can Highly recommend “Body by Science” the book written by
      Dr Doug McGuff and John Little which is my bible on exercise and it’s effects.

  3. Hi Tony,

    What your effectively telling me is that if I can reduce my exercise time than I will have more time for my recreation and leisure pursuits your exercise program would actually enhance my recreation, sporting or leisure pursuits.

    What seems funny to me in most fitness centre’s people are walking on treadmills with a blank stare of just going through the motions where in fact they could be outside walking in a park or on the waterfront actually enjoying their leisure time. And with your exercise program it would be enhanced leisure time.

    • anthonyhitau says:

      Hi Steve,

      Enhanced leisure time is an important part of our busy lifestyles, with my programs of High Intensity Training I encourage my clients to train harder and not more often.

      Many centres for recreation in the guise of fitness centres are encouraging people to attend as a social outlet which is fine, however my clients come to me for results and time efficient exercise programs.

      The answer to increasing one’s leisure time is to train in a quality style such as High Intensity Training which in short means less is better under my guidance. This allows my clients more time for leisure pursuits to enjoy life – sporting or otherwise.

  4. Hi Tony,

    I have been training my clients with the body by science/high intensity approach with great results for my clients, reduced body fat, more muscle tone, greater safety, less wear and tear on the joints, less time. In fact this proper exercise approach has been noted as “bringing back the fountain of youth”..

  5. Hi Tony,

    I read an article about Exercise is Medicine or the Dose Response Relationship with Exercise that the best method to improve health is through the porocess of muscular inroading. Effectively I believe that muscualar inroading is the only way to get to the bodies DNA to reverese the aging process and heal the body from diesease. High Intensity Training is the most safest effective and efficient way to do this your method of exercise means Exercise is Medicine.

    • Anthony says:

      Thankyou Steve for your contribution,
      The article you refer to is informative and has many facts which are not disputable such as the reversal of aging process which can be also described as the real fountain of youth. High Intensity training is very effective treatment (medicine) for a large variety of conditions which are even more prevelent(diabetes,obesity)in our recent lifestyles. My clients are reaping the benefits of training harder,thereby enhancing the muscular inroading process,furthermore Steve, my Female clients are showing capabilities and results with this style of training which to the uninitiated are amazing. Exercise is a powerful medicine and those who are willing to train harder(under correct instruction) are testament to the bodys ability to adapt and to meet the demands of this era using High Intensity and Proper Exercise protocols.
      Thanks Steve.

  6. Tom says:

    Hey Anthony,
    I would love to find out more about your training
    Where are you located?

    • Anthony says:

      Hi Tom, Iam currently working with my clients on the Central Coast of N.S.W.
      thanks for the equiry, hope to hear from you soon.

      • Tom says:

        I’m in Melbourne.
        Do you know anyone who does this kind of training in Melb?

      • Anthony says:

        Unfortunately Tom I do not know of anyone who resides in or around Melbourne who has the relevant knowledge or training to be of assistance to you.

        thanks again for your inquiry, regards Anthony Fletcher

  7. benbalzer says:

    Please contact me. I am a fan of McGuff though I don’t know how to put it in to actual practice. There is a huge science now, where you can get much more bang for your buck from exercise, while minimising the risk of injury. Rule 1. Do not injure yourself. I am also a big fan of Paleo diet and will be seeing McGuff lecture again at the 2nd Ancestral Health Conference. And I got your website address from McGuff’s website.
    I am in Sydney.

  8. Hi Anthony,

    I would strongly advise any of your readers to read Body By Science by Doug McGuff as I see your a strong supporter of the BBS/HIT principles. If I could direct people to the section on “muscular inroading” as a means to produce the best possible results from you exercise program. Whilst there are many ways to muscular inroad – bad ways, inefficient ways and outright dangerous ways, there are only a few ways to to this safely and efficently. And your training methods do it the most safest, most efficient, and most effective. A final point if your personal trainer doesn’t know about muscular inroading than sack them because they are wasting your time and money.

    • Pete says:

      My name is Pete, from Melbourne, I am a regular visitor of BBS & RenEx and train the HIT way myself, I am struggling connecting with people who understand the process here and have plans to open a studio at some stage, Spoke to Skyler Tanner and he raised some interesting points about aussie culture barriers (I am a pom), will you get in touch please, would be great to expend the contacts in Oz

      Cheers, Pete

      • Anthony says:

        Thanks Pete,
        Skyler may have a point, however I believe that the so called cultural barrier extends far beyond Aussies and is more than likely indemic of a wider culture of the more is better mindset which is prevelent throughout the younger gym set of individuals whom have much to learn as well as older more entrenched individuals.The best way to counter the barriers is through education and results based on the science which we practice, furthermore if you keep strict/ accurate records this also aides in the promotion of a safer more effective way to enhance overall health and fitness.
        Thanks for your contribution Pete.

  9. Anthony says:

    Hi Cole, thanks for the enquiry mate, unfortunately I do not get up too Byron as much as I would love to.. great place.
    please allow me to recommend that you purchase the Body by science book e.g. John LITTLE & Doug McGUFF MD. I can tell you that High Intensity is the safe and most effective form of training that is scientifically proven, practise takes time and patience.

  10. Anthony says:

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your enquiry, regarding your three weekly workouts.
    It is my opinion that you are definitely motivated and working often to achieve your goals, however Mike the human body requires rest/time for changes to become apparent. Workouts are a catalyst for change but overtraining can undo or halt the progress you are seeking. I would insert extra rest periods between each workout and this could be anything from 3-10 days depending on your individual response. These periods of rest can be very challenging to maintain/initiate, I call this mental challenge training angst because many people believe that changes occur in the Gym with more being better. This is a false belief and is not based on science.
    The best thing you can do Mike is “train hard but not longer”, purchase and read the Body by Science book:
    written by Dr Doug McGuff and John Little.
    Thanks Mike

  11. jake says:

    Hi tony its jake how are ya mate i just got back from qld n was wondering if ya wanted to train me again i will have full detication promise mate ..my number is ; 0435383885 thanks bro hope ta hear from ya soon.. im keen as to get in the ring

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